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How we can help!

Pool Opening & Closings

Protect your investment. Have it done right by professionals!


Clearwater will give you a carefree summer. Choose the service options that best suit your needs. Options include once a month to everyday service. Clearwater keeps pristine pools and happy customers!

Water Testing

Clearwater will test your Chlorine levels or Saltwater levels, PH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric, Salt (on saltwater pools), Cooper (on self-ionizing pools), and Phosphates. There is also an option to just have chemicals delivered and dispersed weekly without other services.

Equipment Installations & Repairs

Whether you need us to update old equipemnt or just need to get your pool running again. We take care of heaters, pumps, filters, chlorinators, lights and leaks! Clearwater provides professional installation and expert repairs.

Painting and Tiling

Clearwater recommends painting your pool every 5-6 years. We can put a new coat of paint that will have your pool looking brand new! If your pool chalks, chips, fades or strips then it could use a new coat. We drain your pool, clean the basin, acid wash, chemical solve to finalize prep and then supply and apply paint. We replace broken, missing or loose tile.

Pool Inspections

Looking to buy a house? Give us a call or send us an email and have one of our professionals come out and give you a proper diagnosis on your future investment.

Acid Wash

Clearwater can make your 20 year old marcite look brand new. We can brighen up your pool and remove ugly stains off your walls and floors.

Saltwater Pools / Indoor Pools / Hot Tubs


Clearwater works year round. Water looking too high from all the rain and snow? We can come out and drain it back down. We also drain, clean and fix covers. As well as add chemicals to your pool throughout the winter upon request.


We measure, order and install mesh safety covers. These covers are perfect for the pool owner who  wants more of an aesthetic appeal while keeping your loved ones and pets safe in the off-season. Each cover comers with a 10 year warranty.

No charge for estimates of travel. 

We do not do above ground work.

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